Da Da Da

- 张二蛋

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Dạ flac

Tâm Thư. Vietnamese Pop - Rock. Writer: Như Ngọc Hoa.
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Quốc Duy. Vietnamese Pop - Rock. Writer: Như Ngọc Hoa.
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Da Da Da flac

张二蛋. English Pop - Rock.

Da Da Da flac

Tanir. 2019. Other country Pop - Rock. Album: Da Da Da (Single).

Da Da Da flac

Trio. 2009. English Pop - Rock. Album: 100 Hits More 80's CD3.

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Hoody. 2017. Korean Rap - HipHop. Album: Bleached (Regular).
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Trio. 1997. English Pop - Rock. Album: Les Années New-Wave (CD 2).
Vương Tâm Lăng

DA DA DA flac

Vương Tâm Lăng. 2005. Chinese Pop - Rock. Album: Cyndi 2005 New+Best Selection (閃耀2005 新歌+節奏精選).
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Vương Tâm Lăng. 2008. Chinese Pop - Rock. Album: Red Cyndi.
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Marie Parline. 2015. Instrumental English. Album: Butterfly & Fashion - Lounge, Vol. 1.
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Aiko Kitahara. Vietnamese Pop - Rock.
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Alex Fay. English Dance - Remix.
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Reuel Lynch. English.

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DJ阿诺. Chinese.

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Tanir. 2020. Other country Dance - Remix.
Hillsong Young & Free

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Hillsong Young & Free. English.