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Album: Transparent.
  1. Transparent - Unknown


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Lương Vịnh Kỳ

Transparent (透明) flac

Lương Vịnh Kỳ. 2005. Chinese. Album: Clockwise CD2.
Pet Shop Boys

Transparent 128kbps

Pet Shop Boys. English Pop - Rock. Writer: Pet Shop Boys.
DJ Okawari

Transparent m4a

DJ Okawari. 2016. Instrumental. Writer: DJ Okawari.
Marie Mai

Transparent flac

Marie Mai. 2014. France.

Transparent 320kbps

Unknown. 2022. English. Album: Paper Sails.
DJ Okawari

Transparent flac

DJ Okawari. 2016. Instrumental. Album: Yours.

Transparent (透明) flac

Unknown. 2020. Japan. Album: Overkill (EP).

Transparent 320kbps

Unknown. 2012. Instrumental. Album: Sakamichi no Apollon Original Soundtrack.

Transparent 320kbps

Kokia. 2011. Japan. Writer: Kokia. Album: Pieces.
Kim Brown

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Kim Brown. 2016. Instrumental. Album: Wisdom Is A Dancer.

Transparent flac

Unknown. 2022. Japan. Album: Transparent.

Transparent color flac

Unknown. 2020. Japan. Album: Blue Pop Reverberation (ブルーポップは鳴りやまない).
Green Carnation

Transparent Me flac

Green Carnation. 2005. English. Writer: Jacksonville. Album: The Burden Is Mine... Alone (EP).
Ethereal Sin

Transparent Twins 320kbps

Ethereal Sin. 2021. English. Album: Time of Requiem Part. 1.
As One

Transparent Blue 320kbps

As One. 1999. Korean. Album: Day by Day.
Jane Jang

So Transparent 320kbps

Jane Jang. 2015. Korean. Album: LIQUID.
Diane Arkenstone

Transparent World flac

Diane Arkenstone. 2015. Instrumental. Writer: Diane Arkenstone. Album: Soul Necktar 2.
As One

Transparent Blue 320kbps

As One. 2000. Korean. Album: One + One.

My Transparent Heart 320kbps

Thränenkind. 2013. English. Album: The Elk.
Nacho Sotomayor

Opaque (Transparent Remix) flac

Nacho Sotomayor. 2014. Japan. Album: Buddha Bar XVI - (Charango).