Warai Banashi (Piano Version)

- Lovely Summer Chan (2015)
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Album: Lovely Music.
  1. Intro - Lovely Summer Chan
  2. Hajimemashite - Lovely Summer Chan
  3. Watashi No Suki Na Mono - Lovely Summer Chan
  4. Lumimescence - Lovely Summer Chan
  5. Warai Banashi (Piano Version) - Lovely Summer Chan
  6. Mis - Lovely Summer Chan
  7. Oyasumi - Lovely Summer Chan
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"Warai Banashi (Piano Version)" Videos

Lovely Summer Chan

Warai Banashi (Piano Version) 320kbps

Lovely Summer Chan. 2015. Japan. Album: Lovely Music.
Hiroko Yakushimaru

Otogi Banashi flac

Hiroko Yakushimaru. 1988. Japan. Album: Sincerely Yours.
Ringing Volcano

Uwasa Banashi flac

Ringing Volcano. 2016. Instrumental. Album: Kissa Bakeneko De Oshaberi Wo.

Kaidan Banashi flac

Unknown. 2007. Instrumental. Writer: Toshio Masuda. Album: Ghost Hunt Original Soundtrack.

Piano Man (Piano Version) flac

Mamamoo. 2014. Korean. Album: Piano Man.

Piano Man (Piano Version) flac

Unknown. 2014. Korean. Writer: Lyrics;Kim Eana;Music;Kim Do-hoon;Esna;Arranged;Kim Do-hoon. Album: Piano Man (EP).
Various Artists

왕벌의 비행 (Piano Version) flac

Various Artists. 2010. Instrumental. Album: Personal Taste OST.

ฉันมาบอกว่า (Piano Version) flac

Unknown. 2019. Other country. Writer: Pativate Utaichalurm;Permsak Pisitsungkakarn.

Naki Warai Ai (泣き笑い愛) flac

Unknown. 2022. Japan.
Aoki Ken

Akire warai (あきれ笑い) flac

Aoki Ken. 2012. Japan. Album: Aoki Ken.
Hyakkoku Hajime

Dead Soldiers (Warai) flac

Hyakkoku Hajime. 2013. Instrumental. Writer: Hyakkoku Hajime. Album: K-ON! Music History's Box Disc 9 (K-ON! Original Soundtracks).
Motohiro Hata

Naki Warai No Episode (泣き笑いのエピソード) flac

Motohiro Hata. 2021. Japan. Album: Naki Warai No Episode (泣き笑いのエピソード) (EP).
Motohiro Hata

Naki Warai No Episode (泣き笑いのエピソード) flac

Motohiro Hata. 2021. Instrumental. Album: Naki Warai No Episode (泣き笑いのエピソード) (EP).

Skyline (กีดกัน) (Piano Version) flac

Unknown. 2021. Other country.

Happiness (Piano Version) flac

Unknown. 2020. Instrumental.

Marionette (Piano Ballad Version) flac

Unknown. 2019. Japan. Writer: Lozareena. Album: Over me.

River Run (Piano Version) flac

Unknown. 2019. Korean. Album: Blue Jam (Regular).

River Run (Piano Version) flac

Unknown. 2019. Instrumental. Album: Blue Jam (Regular).

Spring Again (Piano Version) flac

MJ. 2018. Instrumental.
101 Trainee Boys

Pick Me (Piano Version) flac

101 Trainee Boys. 2017. Instrumental.