Plastic Off The Sofa

- Beyoncé (2022)
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Album: Renaissance (EP).
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[Verse 1]
Boy, I know you can't help but to be yourself around me, yourself around me, no
And I know nobody's perfect so I'll let you be, I'll let you be
It's the way you wear your emotions on both of your sleeves, ah
To the face you make when I tell you that I have to leave, uh

But I like it, baby
Uh-ooh, I like it, baby
But I like it, baby, baby
And I like it, baby

[Verse 1]
Ah, we don't need the world's acceptance
They're too hard on me, they're too hard on you, boy
I'll always be your secret weapon in your arsenal, your arsenal
And I know you had it rough growing up but that's okay (That's okay, baby), I like it rough (That's okay, baby)
Even when you let your feelinga get in the way (Let your feelings get in the way)

I still like it, baby
Ooh, I like it, baby (I like it, baby)
But I like it, baby (Like it, baby), baby, baby (Like it, baby)
I still like it, baby, baby, baby, baby

Say, say you won't change
I know the little things that make you you
Ooh, the rest of the world is strange, staying out late
Just you and me and our family
I think you're so cool, even though I'm cooler than you, ha-ha

[Verse 3]
Boy, I love that you can't help but be yourself around me, yourself around me
Sugar, boy, you trippin', I know I make up and make love so I let you be, I let you be
It's the way you listen when I'm cryin', you let me lean in
It's the way you want one more kiss after you said you were leaving

But I like it, baby (Yes, I like it, baby), baby (Yes, I like it, baby)
Yes, I like it, baby (Like it, baby)
Like it (Like it), I like it
I love it, baby
I love it, baby
I like it, I love you baby
I like it, baby
Yeah, I like it, oh, like it, I like it, yeah
I li-like, I like it, baby
I like it, baby

Now, I like it, baby
Baby, come on over
Ooh, I like it, baby
I can let you, baby, baby

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